A DIY Cruise Missile
Project Objectives

The goal of this project is to create a real, live, flying cruise missile with much of the functionality of the cruise missiles currently employed by the military forces of many western nations.

In bullet-point form, these functions and features are:

  • Satellite-based (GPS) guidance and targeting
  • A form of inertial (or other) backup guidance
  • Jet-powered for high speed, minimum flight-times
  • Low radar signature to reduce detectability
  • Fully autonomous flight capabilities
  • Onboard realitme video
Obviously, given the budget of $5,000 and the fact that all components will be "off the shelf" items, some compromises have to be made:
  • Limited range, but at least 100 miles (160 Kms)
  • Limited payload capacity, but at least 22lbs (10 Kgs)
  • Limited accuracy, but at least +- 100 yards (100m)
In addition to the above points and since the goal of this project is to show that *anyone* could build and deploy their own cruise missile, the following critera have been added:
  • Compact size, small enough to be transported inconspicuously and launched from a regular pickup truck.
  • Built using materials, components and tools that can be purchased without raising the suspicions of authorities.
  • Built using techniques that can be used in any suburban garage without raising suspicion or curiosity of neighbors.
That's the informal specification, let's look at something a little more formal..

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