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A Chaotic Week

Numerous people have suggested that, since I'm a writer, I should author a book on this project, and the long list of other high (and low) tech endeavors I've engaged in during my almost half century of flirting with death and injury.

If I can convince a publisher that such a tome is worth the ink and paper, the full scale of my lifelong addiction to attempting "that which can't be done" will be revealed for all to see.

One thing's for sure, such a volume will not be short on humor, excitement and more than just a little terror.

Picture by Dean Treml
8 June, 2003
On Monday evening (June 2 New Zealand time) I arrived home from a week in the UK; feeling tired and jet-lagged.

After managing just a few hours of sleep, I awoke on Tuesday morning to find my driveway filled with TV crews and reporters, all clamoring for an interview.

To say that I was surprised would be something of an understatement.

The catalyst for this media frenzy was a small story the local newspaper published on page 10 about the DIY Cruise Missile project being documented here.

It seems that the story had caught the attention of news services from all around the world and, within 48 hours, my picture and the details of the project were making headlines everywhere from the USA to Eastern Europe.

As a result of this media attention, this website has scored hundreds of thousands of hits and I'm currently receiving around 600 emails per day from people who are either fascinated or horrified by the idea that someone could build a fully-functional cruise missile for just US$5,000.

If you have emailed me and not received a reply yet, I apologize. Unfortunately it will probably take several more days before I'm able to catch up with all the outstanding messages.

I certainly appreciate the fact that so many people have taken the time to express their opinions and will endeavor to get back to all of those who have requested a reply.

What Next
Right now I'm working on a fairly significant update to this site that will document the work I've now completed on the engine and airframe design. I hope to have this update posted in the next two or three days.

And, once again, to ease the fears of those who feel that I'm building a terrorist cookbook by publishing information about the project -- rest assured that, while I intend to provide plenty of very interesting detail about what I'm doing, the detail of how some of the critical aspects will not be disclosed here, for obvious reasons.

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